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Birthdate:Aug 31
Location:Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
I am a small wombat who has run away from home and wants to join the circus. I have lots of friends on lj and believe this would be a good way of meeting other wombats.

I need somewhere I can be found easily, and I am finding facebook increasingly weird. People are asking me to send them virtual drinks, carnivorous plants and peculiar emoticons. It isn't that I'm particularly misanthropic: all these people asking me to do weird stuff are people I really love, respect and with whom I would be happy to share a bowl of rolled oats any time. But I can see FB eating more and more of my life and I just want to hide under somebody's doormat and eat carrots right now.

So if you have asked me to join in some virtual crusade so save the world from giant plastic dinosaurs, or create vast interlocking empires of virtual plants, or join the new ruling cyberclass of giant herbivorous line-dancing raspberries and I have ignored your request, please bear with me. It doesn't mean I don't love you. I just don'
t really want to spend too much time doing that stuff, OK?

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boltzmann's constant, cardboard boxes, cuneiform, dancing with bison, defrosting fridges, devising new cocktails, graeco-roman wrestling, hiding ducks in cupboards, indo-european philology, laplace transforms, negligees, organic chemistry, plastic dinosaurs, roger ramjet, staring at carp, tmbg, underwater baseball, wombats, wombats in negligees, yoghurt
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